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More neighborhood closures

One of my favorite local breweries, Urban Brew Labs, will close when it runs out of beer in the next week or so:

Owner James Moriarty announced on Instagram the brewery and taproom, 5121 N. Ravenswood Ave., will close by the end of the summer. Moriarty did not give a specific end date for the business, but thanked fans, neighbors and employees for keeping the business going for so long. 

“We’ll keep the lights on as long as we have beer to serve, but this will be our final summer season,” Moriarty wrote. 

Moriarty told Block Club in an email the closure is due to a lack of sales.

“It’s unfortunate, but we just didn’t have enough traction [through] distribution,” he said, in the email.

I tried to help, Jim. I really did. And I'll miss y'all.

Meanwhile, I'm taking advantage of some beautiful weather on the last Friday of summer to add two more entries to the Brews & Choos list. Stay tuned.

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